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USB ASIO Driver certified for Windows 10
Class 2.0 USB Audio drivers (only needed in Windows)

Version 1.61b ( certified for Windows 10 ) ZIP >
Apple MAC OS
Linux OS
USB asynchronous native support, no need to install drivers software

La Voce S2 – New AQ-i modular system
D111 XLR | D112 AT&T ST Fiber | D113 RCA | D114 TOSLINK

The AQ-i modular is a new set of DAC input for La Voce S2 with High Resolution platform. The AQ-i modular is a new set of DAC input for La Voce S2 with High Resolution platform.
It allows the proper interconnection with your digital transport, in order to exploit the full potential of La Voce S2 dac. Along with the standard digital inputs of La Voce S2 dac – AQlink I2S, S/Pdif BNC and USB PC Audio – there is an additional modular input at your choice, with several options. Those options can be requested when ordering, or even replaced in a second time.

Platform Support
La Voce S2 DAC – code E6

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The Evolution of Technology

The new La Voce S2 combines product innovation and state-of-the-art technology, producing superior sound performance and the best styling.
Designed to provide absolute modularity and the ultimate in sound quality, La Voce S2 D/A converter is the culmination of years of aqua’s research in the areas of electronic engineering in relation to digital audio reproduction.

Further refined La Voce S2, a revolutionary design which employs modular R2R type converters in DFD configuration.

La Voce S2 D/A Converter >

Introducing New – La Scala MKII D/A Converter

La Scala MKII inherits the same innovative proprietary DFD digital decoding without digital filter, assuring a pure and precise digital signal quality. In addition La Scala was improved in every respect.

La Scala MKII D/A converter >

La Voce D/A Converter – New DAC module

cod. D104K – Burr Brown PCM1704-K (2 dac) – sign magnitude R2R ladder DAC 24bit / 192 kHz – DFD MODE. The conversion board has been improved in the layout with new High-quality parts.

Jitter free digital interface AQlink (I2S protocol)

Uncompromising digital connection from to La Diva cd transport to La Scala DAC, La Voce DAC.
EtherCON RJ45 (AQlink) connection to DAC can carry I2S serial bus, employs CAT6 cable can connect both RJ45 and professional etherCON RJ45.