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• DAR’s favourite bits of 2014 by John H. Darko

"No DAC impressed me more in 2014 - or any other year for that matter - than the Aqua La Scala MKII."
"the best-sounding D/A converter we’ve heard to date. The La Scala’s almost sentient way with drama and textural reveal puts it at the very top of the Darko DAC Index"

John H. Darko
• La Scala MKII - The publisher's year's favourites 2014 by Srajan Ebaen

"La Scala gives the feisty one-finger salute to DSD might tell you how I feel about that fashion madness. That it manages an ideal balance between speed and substance tells you why it had my vote. A most analogue digital deck, albeit sans volume control!"

Srajan Ebaen
La Diva cd transport • La Scala MKII D/A Converter
Preview by Nicola Chou - AudioArt AV magazine

• La Scala MK II Blue Moon Award

"With the La Scala II, I got both plus. In that sense it was an audio equivalent of the Buddhist Middle Path high up the mythical mountain."

"Put my name down too on this growing list of outspoken admirers for the Aqua Hifi La Scala II."

Srajan Ebaen, 6MOONS

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