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• La Scala MK II Blue Moon Award

"With the La Scala II, I got both plus. In that sense it was an audio equivalent of the Buddhist Middle Path high up the mythical mountain."

"Put my name down too on this growing list of outspoken admirers for the Aqua Hifi La Scala II."

Srajan Ebaen, 6MOONS
• The Art of digital domain

Uncompromised in every respect, La Diva cd transport is the culmination of aqua’s R&D in the areas of electronic and mechanical engineering.
"Excellent musical presentation of the two devices. The converter : I hate to give back." (TRANSLATED)

"Naturally relaxed, full of musicality" (TRANSLATED)

• The Evolution of Technology

The new La Voce S2 combines product innovation and state-of-the-art technology, producing superior sound performance and the best styling.
Designed to provide absolute modularity and the ultimate in sound quality, La Voce S2 D/A converter is the culmination of years of aqua’s research in the areas of electronic engineering in relation to digital audio reproduction.

Further refined La Voce S2, a revolutionary design which employs modular R2R type converters in DFD configuration.
"It really is a wonderful overall package that has me wonder."

Srajan Ebaen, 6MOONS
• The Audio Show in Poland

La Diva CD Transport & La Scala MKII at Audio Show in Bristol, Sobieski and Tulip Hotel from November 8th to 9th

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