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aqua - acoustic quality equipment is not subject to the whims of market fashion since they are built to achieve true high fidelity sound reproduction.
By combining dedicated research with creative thinking, R & D Department has brought forth a range of innovation whose aim is to recreate the experience of live music in your home.
"Every single detail of the mix is delivered through the Aqua LinQ into whichever DAC you choose to use with it, and it’s a sound you’ll find yourself listening to repeatedly, just to hear those little nuances in Dylan’s near-spoken vocals."

Andrew Everard | Hi-Fi News

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LinQ |  Award by Hi-Fi News

The musical bridge
Formula xHD Rev. 2
Positive Feedback 2020 Brutus Award
"I was taken by its sense of presence, its presentation of detail without being "analytical" or cold, and its ability to handle huge swings in dynamics. The no filtering/no oversampling plus FPGA is showing itself to be a powerfully credible approach to digital sound reproduction…I'm very impressed."

Dr. David W. Robinson | Editor-in-Chief Positive Feedback

Positive Feedback 2020 Brutus Awards >
“In my opinion, the Aqua LinQ is nothing less than a milestone product. It is the absolute best network endpoint that I have heard and I enthusiastically recommend an audition.”

Christiaan Punter  |  HFA Hifi-Advice

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LinQ |  HFA Award
“It is revealing without being trying, lush but not bloomy, and above all capable of captivating musical sound”

It’s simply magnificent."

Review: Andrew Everard | Lab: Paul Miller

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Formula xHD Rev. 2

LinQ | New HQPlayer Core + NAA (cascade-module)


The breakthrough. LinQ knows no obsolescence.

Our focus was to create an Audio Engine for Roon with zero-setup. The ambitious vision to combine extreme Sound Quality with delight.

The Core exploits the new i.MX8 micro (ARM 64bit), with its incredible performance, low‑latency, and revolutionary power efficiency. And a customized lightweight kernel (UNIX-based).

Roon can be configured to implement of HQPlayer into a Zone. HQPlayer owns the final connection to the Audio Engine, and Roon is just passing along a stream of bits from media files / Streaming services as Qobuz and Tidal. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of HQPlayer SQ and the library management capabilities of Roon at the same time.

The Core is zero-configuration (Plug and Play). The license key of HQPlayer Embedded is pre-installed in our labs and the LinQ is ready to use.

The HQPlayer-based LinQ Core remains true to the philosophy of aqua brand, it is not aimed at digital signal processing.

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