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aqua - acoustic quality equipment is not subject to the whims of market fashion since they are built to achieve true high fidelity sound reproduction.
By combining dedicated research with creative thinking, R & D Department has brought forth a range of innovation whose aim is to recreate the experience of live music in your home.

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Von Michael Vrzal | FIDELITY

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FIDELITY No. 57 with the LinQ Core
Positive Feedback 2022 Brutus Award
Final notes on the aqua Formula xHD Rev. 2 DAC
"In my estimation, the aqua Formula xHD Rev. 2 is one of the relatively rare, front-rank, world-class DACs…and I've heard a fair number of them over the years."
"It's definitely on my top o' the heap list…."

Dr. David W. Robinson | Editor-in-Chief Positive Feedback

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The new generation La Diva

La Diva M2​ | pure-CD machine

The new generation La Diva is a machine that while maintaining the previous name is completely new, both in regards to the CD mechanic and all the internal electronics, power supply, FPGA decoding, clock, floating digital output circuitry, display, etc., entirely a new design.

This was necessary to increase the performance and sound quality. Our goal is always to amaze our customers.
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"If you are still committed to the compact disc, Aqua Audio’s La Diva transport and Formula xHD DAC is the loveliest combination I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. Period."

Jeff Dorgay | TONEAudio

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