Investors in R&D

The design and manufacture of audio equipment, are marked by constant and indispensable values that aqua - acoustic quality pursues with dedication.

As well as research of the highest quality of reproduction, aqua - acoustic quality manufactures masterpieces of reliability and life,

Due to the modular structure, aqua equipment can be supplied with updates to let you hear for many decades at the highest audio quality.

Innovation through Technologies

aqua - acoustic quality equipment is not subject to the whims of market fashion since they are built to achieve true high fidelity sound reproduction.
By combining dedicated research with creative thinking, R & D Department has brought forth a range of innovation whose aim is to recreate the experience of live music in your home. Some of these:

• Proprietary Optologic DAC

• Pure FPGA-based R2R Ladder DAC

• Fully-floating (isolated) D/A converter system

• Hybrid USB xCore 200 (dual core) in Bit Perfect up to 768 kHz PCM and DSD 512

• Filterless Non-oversampling digital architecture

• Exclusive high-performance digital interface AQlink (I2S protocol), uncompromising digital connection from transport unit to DAC

• proprietary ISDC (Isolated Synchronous Discrete Circuit) digital decodingand clock manager

• High-performance AQ Discrete Regulator (MOSFET, J-FET, BJT) for analog and digital DAC’s power supply

• MODULAR DESIGN with upgradeable multi board platform